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Fishing charters - fishing trips near Orlando in the months of April and May tend to target the Redfish on the flats as this can be one of the most productive times to do so. Not only are the Redfish very active right now, but the Sea Trout have been outstanding as well. Last week was no different allowing us to find decent sized schools of Reds in very shallow water. On the calm days it has been frailly easy locating them as they wave their tails at us calling us in. Most soft plastic baits are getting the job done but most defiantly the live shrimp seems to be the best over all. The early morning bite right as the sun comes up will best the best time to for fishing charters - fishing trips on the Mosquito Lagoon. The water in the Mosquito Lagoon is very shallow right now so with the heat index high and temps hovering in the 90's it warms up really fast making the fish lethargic by noon time. However, in the first 3 to 5 hours of the day... it's very good and the fish will be the happiest! A small number of Snook and Tarpon have become active in the Lagoon as well. Can't say that it's on fire but most certainly there are several fishing charters - fishing trips having some success catching them right now. As Summer closes in and the mullet get thicker the Tarpon and Snook fishing will get a lot better. Most signs seem to point to an early awesome Tarpon season, I'll keep my fingers crossed for us! Ok, that's about all I have this week, check back next week for another Orlando Fishing Report on fishing charters - fishing trips.

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