Orlando Florida fishing charters – Black Drum

Orlando Florida Fishing Charters – January 27th 2017 

Black drum fishing in the Mosquito Lagoon over the past week has been more than exciting. The water clarity has increased allowing us to see the schools out in front of the boat. Thus making for some amazing site casting on the flats. Black Drum tend to push up onto the flats in the winter months to feed on new grounds mostly focusing on crabs and shrimp. The best bait for them so far has been live and fresh dead shrimp. Circle hooks are working best at keep these fish caught during the fight. 3/0 or 4/0 hooks are best but keep in mind it’s best to match the bait size accordingly.

Redfish: The bite continue to impress as of lately. Live shrimp are best for site casting when it’s possible. However the artificial bite is good as well right now with gold spoons and soft plastic shrimp. An all time favorite shrimp pattern of mine is the Berkly Gulp Shrimp. Not only does it look like the mimicked creature but it’s a flavored bait that just seems to call them in.

Sea Trout: Last week we did very well catching them on popping corks out along the edges of sand bars. Rigged with live shrimp, this can be a deadly combo. I like to keep the bait just a few feet off the bottom for 2 reasons. (1) the Trout can swim up to the bait and strike from bellow, this is a natural presentation in nature. (2) targets suspending fish.

Weeks Ahead: Cold fronts should continue to push across our state over the next few months. Colder air pushes the water temps down and helps to clean the water up from bacteria and allege. The cleaner the water the better the fishing becomes.

Thank you for taking time to stop by my fishing reports page, if you have any questions PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact me at any time!



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