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I'm Captain Tom Carver of Orlando Fishing, I have been guiding the Orlando Florida area sense 2004. I would love to be your Orlando Florida Fishing Guide. I fish Just 45 minutes from Disney World, Universal Studios and all other major theme parks. The World Famous Mosquito Lagoon is the fishing trip destination we will be fishing in.

Orlando Fishing Guide just had to be my title once I grew up, but it was a little while before that happened. Growing up in Florida was non stop action for me as a kid. My Dad was an ex surfer who pioneered Long Board Surfing in Cocoa Beach during the 60‘s. In the 1970’s we lived on the Banana River in Merritt Island just across from Cocoa Beach where he taught me how to flats fish. Back then Cocoa Beach was famous for huge Sea Trout and held the all tackle record. As a matter of fact... back then it was known as the "Sea Trout Capital of the World". In the 50's and 60's the huge fake Trout sign sat boldly along the main road welcoming visitors as they made their way into town. I was blessed to have grown up with the Banana River as my back yard and you can just image how often I used it as a play ground. My friends and I built forts and fished along it’s edge every day after school.

I often think about how life trained me for this job... it’s like it was meant to be! I fondly remember my first fish caught off our old dock that faced the east shore line of Cocoa Beach. One of my favorite memories was looking down that dock from out at the end one Saturday morning back toward our house and realizing that the horse had made it's way down to us and was gnawing on my Dad's hood of his Pick Up Truck. I'll never forget him yelling at that horse. However I did get side tracked early in life (even though I always knew I would be a Flats Fishing Guide one day)... Her Name Was GOLF!!! I learned to play the game by sneaking my Grandfathers clubs while he took naps. My cousin Jimmy and I would create a short golf course on the side of the my Grandparents house. They had a one acre plot of land and only used half of it so the other 1/2 acre was our golf course. We had many great rounds of golf there until the day the dreaded inevitable had to happen... GOLF BALL IN THE LIVING ROOM... Yep went right through the window into the house. In the 1990’s golf was my life for about 10 years. Trying to one day reach the tour. I caddied for some of the greatest courses in the country and worked for one of the best golf retailers. But I always knew my love for Saltwater was greater and decided to give up my Tour Pro dreams to become a fishing guide. In 2002 I turned in the golf clubs and picked up a push pole.

I look forward to meeting you and showing you why I love it so much!

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